Introduction to MaxGoat ($MGOAT)

Max Goat is an experiment in decentralized community driven. No founders, no team tokens. Max Goat is a sustainable community project that was 100% run by community experiment Like crypto, memes were born on the internet and have journeyed from the fringes to the mainstream.

They’re used to drive adoption of cryptocurrency, signal bullishness or bearishness on certain assets or coins by traders and even boost the value of tokens.
We believe everyone should have an equal chance to own Max Goat token, there is no team token. Everyone has to buy on the open market, this means developers have no more right for ownership than anybody else in the world.

Max Goat is the native utility token of the Max Goat ecosystem and will be used for:
• Network donation pooling and staking
• E-commerce integration for use in material purchases
• NFT marketplace transactions
• Staking and Yield farming.
We aims for community involvement and maintains full transparency for the project, holding polls and discussions with the community for key decisions with the project, culminating with a community-led decision to pursue ocean

Static Redistribution.
Redistribution is conditional upon the volume of the token being traded. This alleviates sell pressure caused by early investors buying at the token’s start, when the Liquidity Pool is extremely low. The reward is that the early investor’s potential high sell volume would increase the amount of coins redistributed to the Liquidity Pool and community members’ wallets.

Automatic Liquidity Pool
Like many recent community-driven coins, liquidity is automatically added in the liquidity pool. The contract takes 10% fee from any transaction, including buying, selling, or transferring between wallets, then redistributes those tokens.
• 5% is automatically burned of every Transaction.
• 5% rewards is directly distributed proportionally to all token holders

With the total amount burned growing over time, the amount of available supply and yield generated decreases as the burn rate increases, forcing currency appreciation and asset-value protection.
Max Goat transactions occur between these extremes. The goal is to retain longterm holders and ensure confidence in investors to hold during volatility while earning redistributed returns.
Max Goat’s vision is to make people money safely and securely while benefitting our community, and hopes to protect all investments by implementing algorithms to mitigate market manipulation tactics employed by large investors.

Max Goat’s aims to be a safe, long-term investment that grows with its community. We opened with a fair launch with no presale. The Liquidity Pool has been locked and burned. The developer left the project to the community and burnt all developer Max Goat tokens at launch to ensure that a developer rug-pull can’t happen. There may still be holders with large amounts of tokens, as any long-term holder could become a whale one day with the amount of tokens being burnt and liquidity being added. However, this does mean that there is certainty of no developer rug pull. A whale dumping may cause short term harm to the value of Max Goat, but the community can always recover. To ensure a long life of Max Goat, liquidity is added to the Liquidity Pool with every transaction. As it is all burnt, no one (including the developer or admins) can pull the liquidity out. The more transactions, the higher the floor gets!